Attend The Nonprofit Virtual Bootcamp
Thursday, 12/1 at 6pm CST
Dr. Cheryl “Action” Jackson will teach her personal  PROVEN methods she used to grow her grassroots charity, Minnie's Food Pantry to a national award winning organization. 
This fun but intensive bootcamp is for Executives, Development Directors,Volunteer Managers and anyone who wants to learn how to operate in the nonprofit sector.
This bootcamp is for nonprofit leaders who are tired of trying to grow their nonprofit on your own?
The most successful nonprofit leaders know that in order to maximize their time and achieve success, they need guidance from someone that has been where they want to go either personally or professionally. 

For almost a decade people have asked for me to be their "personal coach" or to help guide them through the next phase of their life especially those in the nonprofit world.  I finally found a way to share what I know in hopes of multiplying the good we do in the world.

However, I didn't want to fully commit until I felt like I could share all the PROVEN methods that I have used to gain access to the most influential leaders of the world and achieve grants and partnerships with Fortune 500 brands that people dream of having as their sponsors.
"Over the years I've given and raised lots of money for @minniespantry founded by @cherylaction because they are angels in the Texas community. This year a lot of people are feeling food insecurity, so I'm proud to support them with another donation to help them keep helping!"
- Oprah Winfrey

Learn how to create and manage an award-winning charity.
dr. jackson has done the work and shows you how to do it too.
Dr. Jackson started Minnie's Food Pantry with only 2 cans of corn and her first month rent. The charity now has more than 20,000 volunteers and 12 locations.

This isn't another boring bootcamp!
Dr. Jackson will inspire and teach you all the basics. Prepare to learn,  be engaged, and feel confident throughout the bootcamp.  
Spaces are limited.  
Here's what you're really getting...
  • ​Choosing Your Mission and Crafting Your Mission Statement
  • ​The Startup Checklist
  • ​Your Name, Logo, Website
  • ​Officers/Board of Directors
  • ​CEO & Executive Directors
  • ​Hiring Staff and  Recruiting Volunteers​
  • ​Developing Programs
  • ​Online and Fundraising Basics (Corporate and Individual)
  • ​Strategic Planning and Establishing Credibility
  • ​Proposals for Government Grants
  • ​Intro to Marketing
The Nonprofit Bootcamp is a LIVE and interactive virtual event. Join this bootcamp to fast track your nonprofit to success. 
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Meet THE Expert...
Dr. Cheryl Jackson

Dr. Cheryl “Action” Jackson is an active educator, coach, and business strategist with more than 25 years of experience in the community leadership field.  She is an award winning multi-million dollar social entrepreneur. with a proven track record.

Dr. Jackson struggled from experiencing hunger for her family to providing more than 21 million meals to individuals through her award-winning organization, Minnie’s Food Pantry, a charity she founded to honor her mother, the late Dr. Minnie Hawthorne-Ewing. 

Under Dr. Jackson’s leadership, her grassroots charity founded in 2008, has expanded to 12 locations and over 24,000 volunteers have served with her organization.

Minnie’s Food Pantry has expanded operations from a small 500 square foot building to over 28,000 square feet with 12 locations in 3 states.

Recently the highlight of Jackson’s career was getting media mogul Oprah Winfrey to be the keynote speaker for Minnie’s Food Pantry annual fundraising gala.
Dr. Jackson has also received the honor of being included on Ebony's Top Power 100 people in America and her charity received recognition as Community Partner of the year from the City of Plano among other prestigious awards. 

Dr. Jackson has received donations from influencers like Oprah Winfrey, Steve Harvey, Mark Cuban, and Mark Burnett in support of her charity. Dr. Jackson has appeared on The Ellen Show The American Bible Challenge and Good Morning America where she was honored with the Hometown Hero Award by singer Rihanna, Steve Martin and Jim Parsons who also came to serve at her pantry headquarters.
It's The End Of Year Fundraising Time...
Once your vision is in place, you can start to build a fundraising strategy for your nonprofit. Don’t rely on just one source for all your funding. Instead, diversify your funding sources. This reduces risks and increases the chance that you will be able to secure the funds you need.

How many times have you thought, "If I only knew what I needed to change in order to win."

Dr. Cheryl Jackson will show you how to create a premium brand.
You just need to Do the Work.

Dr. Cheryl Jackson has proven methods on how to raise money, obtain national media exposure and how to get results. She will teach you how to hit the ground running and maximize your time.  
What’s next?
I am inviting you to work with me and get my brain on your business. Sound exactly what you've been looking for?

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Are there refunds after I purchase?
There are absolutely no refunds.
 How long do I have access to the recordings?
Because of the incredible savings, the class will not be available unless you pay the full price of $599
Will there be a Q&A to discuss my Nonprofit?
Yes! The benefit of showing up Live means you will be able to ask questions from Dr. Cheryl Jackson and have her insight into your nonprofit.
Where will the event be held?
This is an entirely virtual Bootcamp. We will meet on Zoom.
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